/u/Caeoc is kind of a dick.

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0.8225 It would be amazing to journey through an open world game like that and collect bounties as you please.
0.743 Glad to get some appreciation.
0.7003 When one of the cast members came up to me I physically felt the logic leave my body as I passionately kissed her.
0.6369 The fantastic gameplay and integral storyline made me love the Fetts more than the clone wars ever could have.
0.6124 I'm thinking she was Asian Indian but honestly she could've been black.
0.5994 There I met a beautiful young lady of fairly indeterminate race.
0.4939 On my way home I see quite unexpectedly my little brothers 13 year old friend Jet dressed up as a cop.
0.4939 Hey that's my little brother and my friend Indi.
0.4215 So I get in bed and at some point decide a nice breakup fap was required.
0.3818 No more than a month ago we had an amazing post on here somewhere along the lines of "CORRELATION DOES NOT MEAN CAUSATION"
0.355 Oh also for some reason I'm not wearing much clothing at this point too, so it's kinda like a rag over my fucking tighty wighties barely concealing my constantly half erect dong.

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-0.8176 But I was also tired as hell and fruit loops from performing in Highschool Musical.
-0.7717 Physically and mentally exhausted from the abuse.
-0.7506 ITT: twelve year olds are annoying and aggressive no matter what thing they obsess about.
-0.7003 Many of you are citing a lack of harm done to the viewer, so long as they are a consenting adult.
-0.6249 Coming out of lurking to say this: Star Wars Bounty Hunter.
-0.5423 So here I am, naked in a three story house of at least 4 not including the absent as fuck parents.
-0.5423 Either you're doing anal or you're out on your ass.
-0.5256 It's the only thing that's really broken my immersion so far.
-0.4865 I dreamed that it was the next day and we were performing again so I was fucking fooled.
-0.4767 I go home and my ex and she and the other girl from the house are all waiting for me there and this time there is no orgy, only tears.
-0.4404 I was feeling a bit guilty and like I had made the wrong choice.
-0.4215 Two days ago I broke up with the gf.