/u/CTMGame is kind of a dick.

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0.9682 Political freedom creates economic freedom more reliably than economic freedom creates political freedom. Case in point: Russia vs.
0.967 Hot take: It is better to have political freedom and not economic freedom than to have economic freedom and not political freedom.
0.886 TiA was pretty good when they just made jokes about dragonkin and tankies.
0.7579 Our sub-community in Reddit is reliant upon such units of exchange, which condense and compact valuable information to be communicated into time-saving and attractive chunks.
0.6369 But this economic freedom was developed post-USSR, when an emphasis on civil institutions was placed above economic liberalisation at first.
0.5319 They are CLEARLY just pandering to the SJWs now.
0.5106 That sub makes fun of conservative and xenophobic positions, doesn't it?
0.4767 These so-called memes serve as valuable units of idea and information exchange past cultural and socio-economic barriers.
0.4404 I hope that eventually, there will be a post-Voyager show made.
0.4404 Let's hope not.
0.4215 Also, lets be nice to gay people.

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-0.9136 Die USA sind ein Bundesstaat, in dem die Staaten und nicht die Brger den Prsidenten whlen.
-0.9136 Eine Verschwrungstheorie an die ich glaube: Die MLPD bekommt vom VfS Geld, um die ganzen linksextremem Spinner einzusammeln.
-0.8885 Sanders is a social democrat, but bad at it in the same way other people are bad at Tennis.
-0.8316 Beseitigt die soziale Ungerechtigkeit des kostenlosen Studiums ohne die soziale Mobilitt zu behindern.
-0.8316 Ich fahre ber die Grenze, und die Freiheit beginnt.
-0.8316 Ich schwre mein Leben und meine Fahrerlaubnis auf die Autobahn, fr diese Fahrt und alle Fahrten die noch kommen.
-0.8316 Wenn nichts zerstrt worden wre, und die ganzen Wissenschaftler, Ingenieure und Knstler nicht in die USA abgagangen wren.
-0.8316 Pinseln wir die 18 rot an, dann kann Martin Schulz die bald tragen, wenn dass so weiter geht.
-0.7351 Wrong captain, or wrong quadrant.
-0.7184 Criticising Islam alone does not make you an alt-righter, especially if you think of muslims as victims of islam.
-0.7102 Harris is a slightly arrogant neuroscientist and Dawkins is a liberal who stopped giving a fuck 25 years ago.
-0.6808 That Germany is covertly funding far-left and far-right groups in order to draw them into the political process and out of terrorism.