/u/CA_Centipde is kind of a dick.

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0.8316 Good luck waiting 5 years for a car that may not even be as good as its hyped up to be.
0.8316 Enjoy your expensive electric hoax of a "car" and play into the hands of scammers like Musk, the Chinese, and the Europeans while the rest of America wisely sticks with gasoline & diesel.
0.7717 Defund these "science" programs and use the money for better things like military, law enforcement, and securing borders.
0.7717 It'll be a easy win for him in the courts, since Federal law supersedes state law.
0.743 People like me will be the last defense for traditional, conservative values against the hoards of "progressives" and their tolerance of immorality.
0.7351 Boo hoo, blue states like California will see their precious regulations removed by force.
0.6705 Thank goodness.
0.6597 Couple of third party developers exclaiming their support for Switch.
0.6597 Also, LAPD and Sheriff should be going out of their way to help ICE clean up LA.
0.6486 The geography and culture of the United States isn't suited to mass transit like the Europeans and Asians.
0.6369 Easy solution to fund this and fund more dams that we need: scrap the high speed rail project and divert the money elsewhere.

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-0.872 Fag, you shit you could steal someone's girl.
-0.8625 Let them learn their lesson when they get the 200 dollar ticket, or total their car, or get themselves or someone else seriously hurt or killed.
-0.8442 Too bad LA's residents are fixated on taxing themselves to hell.
-0.8126 Go back to jerking to your animated shit and molesting your body pillow.
-0.7227 Stop wasting money on this useless project that won't be completed in entirety until well into the 2040s.
-0.7184 I'd rather set myself on fire than watch any Japanese animated shit you fucking CUCK.
-0.7003 California Democrats will keep throwing money away on the HSR until they bankrupt the state or Republicans grow a spine and stop it.
-0.6956 No one but butthurt environmentalists will cry when the regulations are finally repealed.
-0.6908 California's CARB and smog laws are so restrictive against modifications of vehicles, fuck that.
-0.6908 Poorly done code will kill people.
-0.6705 In order to permanently silence this bullshit hippie movement.
-0.6597 The Olympics can get fucked.