/u/Bwblue is very positive!

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0.8984 Thank you :D Game of Thrones is awesome!
0.8555 Yes, that would be perfect :)
0.8122 One thing that helps me maintain is making sure I never feel deprived--I'm always eating foods that I really enjoy.
0.7959 Yes, that sounds great!
0.7959 Yes, that'd be awesome!
0.784 Those are great tips, thank you!
0.7783 Coconuts would be lovely :)
0.7717 It looks wonderful :)
0.7678 Nothing is really calling my name, but you've got beautiful makeup!
0.7644 Wow, thank you so much!
0.659 Blood donations are a really great way to give back

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-0.6808 Hell go on runs and pick up things on the side of the road.
-0.6597 No, sorry :(
-0.5975 I have had nothing but positive experiences with them
-0.5256 Lusting so badly.
-0.4767 Which is very strange/uncomfortable because I still have a lot of residual shame.
-0.3818 I am also one to deflect, so that might also be why I'm uncomfortable.
-0.3804 At first I thought it said California and was really confused
-0.3384 I used to get really freaked out by the idea of seeing my own blood and avoided donating like the plague.
-0.3182 In the past when I tried to diet, I would eat "weight loss" foods and give up after a few weeks.
-0.1511 Yes, I am the shy and anxious type too!
-0.128 But I think as you said, the difference is those things are detached from body image.
-0.1027 Would pay $23-5 with shipping.