/u/Buttsfrosted is very positive!

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0.91 You have amazing nipples, glad to hear that someone playing with them is worth it for you :)
0.8964 But super good, that seductive look :D
0.8494 I love your curves too :D
0.8494 Love your figures too :D
0.8286 I'm happy to see both of you :D
0.8192 I guess the feeling would be 'pleasantly surprised', on top of aroused :P
0.8133 So very cute :3
0.8074 Delicious ass as always :) they look great on you.
0.802 And love your legs in those leggings :)
0.7783 You still looking amazing :)
0.7379 I googled your name, and was not disappointed. Simply gorgeous, keep being beautiful :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5267 I would say you're my vice, but that would mean you're bad for me ;)
-0.4404 the heat in QLD gets old quickly :(
-0.4215 You posted this same picture 2-3 months ago, why a phoney baloney title? Edit: sorry, i was mistaken.
-0.3182 its a spinoff called Shyness Machine Girl
-0.296 What are you hiding under that star?
-0.1779 That is one heck of a nice ass
0.0 Do you have any red lingerie?
0.0 From Chloe http://imdb.com/title/tt1352824/
0.0 Every day superpower.
0.0 And she didn't even use the Wiimote cobdom.
0.0 Your hair was not the first thing i noticed.
0.0 "Do you come with the table and chairs?" "Oh you *giggle*"