/u/ButterflyGraveyard is very positive!

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0.9638 I used to have 1 friend but now I have my best friend and a gf that I love very much.
0.9313 :3 I miss being able to pick her up :p also the her pulling me down by the tie for a kiss thing was super adorably hot.
0.93 Find a safe opportunity to get a job and move out and take it. I'm wishing you the best of luck hon.
0.9231 /internet hugs You are a wonderful person deserving of all of the chocolate Be strong sister /end hug
0.9144 I mess up a lot but if you clean them well the day after, they look AMAZING.
0.9068 Your friend is awesome :D
0.9041 I mix two scents :3 Victoria's Secret Love Spell and Very Sexy for Him.
0.8957 Best do the best we can with the little speck of heat we have at our disposal :p
0.8814 This is so beautiful; I'm crying :') thank you for sharing.
0.8807 I wish you the best in all your worldly endeavors :3
0.8658 Pretty girls are pretty regardless of if they're trans or cis :3

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-0.8087 You're also missing "guppy dream", " This is/isn't a won run", and "I hate how much I don't hate". I really like NL and he's gotten a lot better over time.
-0.7178 I'll fucking kill you if you become an arts major.
-0.6705 She was sad so I offered to get her drunk.
-0.6369 I hated myself for it and started hrt 2 months later.
-0.5916 Lucky! I drank excessive coffee when I was little to try and stay short but that *clearly* failed.
-0.5719 I hate silver tequila.
-0.5411 This should pop up with each damage upgrade!
-0.4939 I might have to steal this idea.
-0.4101 You look so intimidatingly beautiful:3
-0.3658 Also I don't want to have to pick a side if there is conflict.
-0.3595 Own that shit! I'm 6'4" and I can't wait to be in a dress and heels :p cower before me short people.
-0.34 They say they love me but now it feels forced.