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0.8588 Thanks for the great share!
0.8442 Thanks for the laughs :)
0.807 This is awesome, thanks very much!
0.7964 I would love to see a good tutorial.
0.7906 Thanks for the great review.
0.7096 Thanks I will check some out :)
0.7096 Thanks for the advice I will look into that :)
0.6588 This is great!
0.6588 Great article!
0.6582 I totally agree, it is a really cool city.
0.6486 It was probably escaping from a great white shark

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-0.3818 http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cymothoa_exigua Tongue eating louse.
0.0 I wanted to try run 2 servers to separate the front and back end.
0.0 I will look into the cors.
0.0 These guys sound South African
0.0 This made me think of the casa do ferro in Maputo Moambique
0.0 Search for Lebo's backpackers.
0.0 I am from Jozi.
0.0 I had the exact same issue running gnome with the nvidia drivers for the geforce gtx 650 to.
0.0 Sometimes using set https_proxy=https://user:password@proxy:port gets around it.
0.0 I didn't realise bokeh had this functionality.
0.0 I will check it out.
0.0 Has anyone managed to get their notebook presentations looking so slick?