/u/BobKehl is very positive!

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0.8839 haha I am glad you like that silly little bird :)
0.8824 I love the colors of the Caribbean ocean so doing something like this is a lot of fun.
0.8807 I am glad you love it :)
0.876 I am glad you like it and noticed all the small stuff XD
0.8462 lol no ad, but rum is good :)
0.8439 Booty bay is an awesome design, if it gets that feel I would be happy!
0.8268 haha pirates like those skulls, and thanks !
0.8268 thanks, Im glad you like it!
0.8225 Hopefully thats a good thing :)
0.8176 haha glad you like it
0.8176 I am glad you like the small details :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6369 ahhhh so jelly, I haven't played the new expansion once yet :(
-0.5994 I dont mind at all, email me and I will send them to you no problem.
-0.5709 No problem :) You're right, it is very difficult.
-0.4215 Bad ass dude, love the design.
-0.3412 I haven't, is it good?
-0.34 That is some crazy flowing stuff.
-0.2944 Its a really limited set though, I only use about 3-4 brushes
-0.2617 I have been drawing my whole life, but started to take it seriously about 5 years ago.
-0.1759 Keep on working hard at it and you'll get there!
-0.1027 Its hard to get narrative without directly spelling something out in the painting.
-0.0772 sorry, not me in that other one.
0.0 man that sword is just mean looking.