/u/Bluupi is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9646 I really did love your paths, I hope everything's going well in your town, and I hope your plot resetting is going well! And i'll take good care of her!
0.9217 I can give you a basket of Perfect peaches and a basket of Perfect oranges for free, if you'd like.
0.912 And I love the way you drew Rover, cute little detail with his tooth sticking out, makes him look so adorable!
0.905 Oh, it's quite alright, I hope you had a good day! I also apologize, because i'm just about to go to bed when i'm typing this, so I hope we will be able to trade tomorrow. Does trading at around...
0.9042 As thanks for being such a friendly trader.:) But, may I get your lovely Capricorn ornament please?
0.8777 And generously offered me some Perfect pears when I offered all of the items for free!
0.8665 It makes her so kind and lovely!
0.8658 I would love to join in on the fun, if I may.
0.8655 Aw, it's my sweet toasty's birthday today, and I didn't even know it! Happy birthday my toasty honey-bun, I wish you were still here in my town.
0.8655 I'm glad I could make you happy and help you get those items!
0.8591 I can get you a pocket full of bamboo shoots, and a pocket full of Perfect peaches for free, if you'd like.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5848 That's just horrible!
-0.5848 Aw, now I feel bad!
-0.3724 Ponds are not my friends.
-0.3595 Oh no, a Resetti!
-0.296 But I got them both back just a month ago. But for your edited question: No.
-0.296 I apologize if i'm bothering you.
-0.296 I have no locker space.
-0.296 Oh no, I don't mind that, I time travel, so it's almost May.
-0.296 I have no room to put all of these items in my town.
-0.2228 Hey, so sorry for taking so long!
-0.128 I was just wondering if you went offline or something.
-0.0516 I'll leave you a rating right now.