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0.9658 This isn't a bad thing, but good games tend to evoke some pretty strong emotions if designed well , and people like to read that.
0.9371 It's that awesome. However, after taking some courses in Computer Science in college, and getting pretty comfortable with coding, trying out Unity was like a breath of fresh air.
0.9366 Yeah I know about the mesh thing, but the workflow for that process seems too much. And yes, native SVG support would indeed be awesome.
0.9118 The graphics are pretty and the music is great, and it's probably one of the better racing games I've played.
0.9097 Literally a solid color with text on top that says "I make games" would probably be better, although I would really encourage you to try harder to make something more glamorous.
0.8957 I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that you liked the clean, simple style I worked towards.
0.8953 Also while this looks very pretty and sounds cool, from this trailer it feels like the gameplay would be a pretty shallow platforming experience.
0.8883 Some of these cost money, but sometimes they are worth the expense. I hope this helps!
0.8555 That might be the best workflow solution, thanks for the idea.
0.8439 Sounds good man, good luck with your game!
0.8398 Thanks, glad you liked it!

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-0.7307 For example, if you really enjoy making art, but you are getting stuck and frustrated on something that is not art, take a break and do art!
-0.6604 Looks cool, but it kinda looks like you are barely putting a dent in it as you go higher and higher up and suddenly you completely OBLITERATE it into shards.
-0.6486 Everything in the game is single-lined, very refined, but the Unleash looks a chaotic with the overlapping lines.
-0.6249 Unfortunately, Puzzlebeams is available only in the US and European Union, so perhaps you are getting an incorrect error report that should say it's not available in your country?
-0.5994 No problems with the overlaying text in the trailer.
-0.5255 The press kit is there for convenience! Edit: link was broken
-0.5106 Will work on that, seems to be a bit of a pain.
-0.4927 So: Your profile image seems kind of weak?
-0.4439 Just because Icehowl isn't particularly strong doesn't mean Icehowl shouldn't have a place as a legendary minion.
-0.4019 Does it just crash once you start the game , or while the main menu is loading?
-0.4003 That's why the snow disappears after you shovel it in this game!
-0.3947 As someone who is also not too happy about converting all my SVGs to PNGs in Inkscape and not so keen on buying SVGImporter, I would be very interested in this.