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0.9246 Honestly, if NDP wants to win over votes in Quebec, making a Quebecer like Guy Caron the leader would be a great strategic move.
0.8316 Towards the end, they should be thankful some of their friends tried to hold them back from punching and beating the shit out of each other even further.
0.7964 Freedom of speech is protected by the charter in the same way religion is.
0.7832 Great, so you agree there are variations within religious views and it isn't hegemonic.
0.765 Seems like a great idea to me.
0.7579 Nonetheless, when it comes to freedom of speech and political beliefs, you seem to be selective on what speech is acceptable and what isn't.
0.7579 Please don't infringe on my protected religious rights and please don't question me, I am also part jewish and parts of the torah also confirm this belief.
0.7239 And that, very much, is a valuable aspect of our right to free speech Sure, and I remember when businesses only allowed white customers only and denied black customers entry.
0.7096 I admire someone wanting to stay true to themselves rather than going the route of the populist, like Trump. What a ridiculous reply.
0.6908 Thanks for sharing your comment.
0.6876 Religious freedom shouldn't include gaining tax free status to expand your organisation and sell lies and pseudo science.

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-0.9186 It is a fraud and scam and if any real business organisation made the claims these ppl make, they'd be sued for misleading people and selling lies.
-0.9186 but damn, they shit a cinder block when hearing the apology was en francais.
-0.886 open carry is legal in Virginia afaik And why is it legal for a racist hate group to carry weapons around the street to intimidate people?
-0.8625 Blaming the dentist because employers fail to pay a sustainable wage is a misguided argument.
-0.8176 This poor guy was forced to resign because one comment was taken out of context during a lunch break.
-0.8056 I wouldn't be surprised if they attempted planting false flag violent acts and staged something. The problem is how do you deal with them?
-0.802 Condemning terrorists who killed hundreds of innocent people by blowing up an airplane has nothing to do with populism.
-0.7906 If they pass the exam and qualify and are willing to pay, what's the problem? Your comment makes no sense, that's the problem.
-0.765 During the world wars, women were a critical component of the military back end ensuring equipment was manufactured and providing care for the injured and sick.
-0.765 Even if it's a student or someone starting out, again, do they deserve to be paid below the poverty line with a poverty wage?
-0.7269 I mean probably some of these people's grandparents died fighting the nazi's from this sort of thing.
-0.7096 :\ The guy is going out publicly time and time again fighting climate change deniers.