/u/Bigjdwbuf is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8999 Wow you have an awesome body and perfect tits!
0.8955 Wow love your smile!
0.8478 Wow looks great!
0.8439 Wow just gorgeous!
0.8398 Wow your body is beautiful!
0.8398 Wow beautiful!
0.8356 Wow what an amazing body!
0.8316 Wow you are just gorgeous.
0.8316 I would love to help you out ;)
0.8225 Cool glad that you enjoyed the load.
0.8225 Wow her body is amazing.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.836 Bend her over and fuck her ass then cum all over her face and tits
-0.784 It would be a pleasure to fuck her mouth, ass and pussy and then shoot me load all over those big tits!
-0.6908 Too bad no facial
-0.6597 damn what a fine body and ass.
-0.5983 Damn those are some hot big as tits!
-0.5848 Dann her ass is so hot!
-0.5267 Damn what a nice ass.
-0.4926 Get on your knees and suck me!
-0.4574 What a fine ass!
-0.4574 Damn what a view!
-0.4574 Damn she's hot!
-0.4574 That is one fine ass!