/u/Benzene_Ring is very positive!

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0.9448 For your age and also just in general, you're in amazing shape which is always sexy and you look confident, very sexy as well.
0.9184 Also thing of all the great things you have, such as a beautiful wife and you guys look very happy together.
0.8934 If you work for a family friend babysitting or taking care of pets, you'll probably get paid pretty well.
0.886 You look like you take good care of yourself, nice skin and eyes.
0.8766 I'm a huge fan of your writing on FPS, and I happen to know you are very handsome and hilarious.
0.875 I'm sending tons of love and prayer your way and I hope you feel better very soon.
0.872 Not a huge fan of the glasses, you're a natural beauty.
0.8567 I watched most of Buff Dudes videos on YouTube for proper form, here's a link to one of them and their channel has AMAZING super detailed instructions : http://youtu.be/-4qRntuXBSc
0.836 There is value and beauty in your life and I wish that you could see that.
0.8356 You look wonderful, Congratulations!
0.8316 You have such amazing skin and teeth, and you look gorgeous without makeup.

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-0.7239 Your smile in the second picture killed me, don't spend even one more second being insecure.
-0.7184 It might sound silly, but it has really helped with my depression.
-0.6808 Not excusing her behavior even a little bit, but I think on the inside she's just a hurt, spoiled,jealous young girl eating away her emotions.
-0.6441 Umm it makes you sound a little rude when you say you're not attracting any " women that weigh less than I do".
-0.5984 I am so sorry for your pain.
-0.5719 Sometimes it feels like everything that can go wrong is going wrong, and at that point you know you hit rock bottom.
-0.4497 I really should study for a Spanish test I have, but just thinking about it is giving me awful anxiety.
-0.4389 I'm working on losing the weight currently!
-0.3818 Dang that's gonna be bothering me for a while.
-0.34 Yeah sorry u ugly
-0.34 I think I could argue both sides.
-0.2732 Have you tried a low buzz?