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0.8883 Feel free to let your friends know that we'll be at amazing discoveries tomorrow at 1pm!
0.8826 That's awesome, I'm looking to play with people who really just enjoy the game!
0.8555 I love my bike, but I would love to experience a ride with more power.
0.8338 I like the concept, but I feel like they could have done a better job
0.8271 I love to ride everywhere I can, and I want to make sure that I'd be comfortable riding the G650gs on the highway or as a commuter or on the dirt.
0.8074 His videos are pretty great.
0.807 Awesome, thanks for the info!
0.8004 Thankfully we were completely fine haha.
0.7906 Thanks for sharing your adventure.
0.7783 I'm in Tucson, but I have a bunch of friends in Phoenix as well that ride nearly everyday of the year .
0.743 Glad to hear you enjoyed your time with the 700.

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-0.8858 It could be so bad that it ended in your death thus giving reason that no form of your future self could come back to stop you.
-0.5994 No reason to lose your foot.
-0.5574 Since then, I've dropped it once is soft dirt which scratched the chrome on the exhaust very slightly.
-0.4199 Sorry I missed getting back to you in time!
-0.4019 Literally had the same damn thought.
-0.3434 it wasn't bad and it has a pretty normal eegees texture, but it wasn't great either.
-0.296 And when it's too hot during the summer, and there's no rain you can always ride up some of the different mountain ranges .
-0.25 at least the damage was minimal due to it mostly being in soft dirt...oh yeah, and she was on the back of my bike at the time.
-0.1531 If I know I have to ride early the next morning, but it's been below freezing over night I probably won't ride until the afternoon.
-0.0757 I would have if the bike weren't in great condition haha.
0.0 Because I responded to the post title.
0.0 I run mono green tron and it works really consitantly.