/u/Beaver_Tears is a total dick!

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0.9274 Lmao for people who keep calling everyone a cuck they sure do enjoy sizing up BBC Can we start making a "best of /r/The_Donald" list?
0.8877 wow it's almost like they NEED MORE SUPPORT or something
0.8509 ya it's absolutely psychotic, luckily they're pretty fun an easy to trigger, and it's not even hard because it's like they go out of their way to be as wrong and stupid as possible about everything
0.7964 the blue ring is actually a perfect demonstration of my point: the city cares so fucking little about its aesthetic quality that they can't even make a fucking art piece properly.
0.788 i am absolutely delighted that these morons are still so able to convince themselves that donald is actually winning.
0.777 oh good the daily dose of "not racism" god you guys really needed harper to play zookeeper for you eh?
0.7351 lmao they upvoted it - im sure it was JUST IRONICALLY tho
0.7251 really it's impressive that the republicans have produced someone so completely unlikeable that it actually makes hillary look like a sane choice.
0.7184 a safe space doesnt count when it's about keeping my precious daddy trump safe from the mean words of the big bad professor
0.7165 its cuz canadian people with real talent and credentials get gobbled up by more plentiful, better paying and less taxed jobs in america or europe.
0.7096 i already gave you your answers, yes i care about the corruption.

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-0.9247 i dont like seeing them try to fight the actions of shitty middle-eastern caliphates by trying to drag our society down to their level with organized hatred.
-0.8834 because shes not a a mentally unbalanced pumpkin-face media-whore man with an army of the worst america has to offer behind him and will ultimately make a terrible situation worse
-0.8709 End up paying the fine anyway because despite all your private frustrated rage, you are really just an impotent and submissive little man who will at the end of the day do exactly as he is told.
-0.8519 if this guy loses two more marbles he's legit going to be that guy that mails incoherent conspiracy theories about chemtrails and shit to his local representatives
-0.8517 i dont care if the city looks like shit and infested with stinking homeless!!!!
-0.831 i dont think they're really close to that kind of shit now but who knows where this shit will be in 50 years...
-0.8271 this is why this "movement" was doomed to fail from the start.
-0.8176 you dug your own piss and shit filled graves.
-0.8122 i aint givin it to no drunk ass BUMS!
-0.7916 After after nothing gets resolved, sulk all evening and have it ruin your family dinner and come up with increasingly convoluted reasons why it's the NDP's fault.
-0.7845 It would be a shame to lose shit like this (grown men meticulously scrutinizing the girth of Obama's schlong to...
-0.7713 they are completely disorganized and trying to fight battles on multiple fronts.