/u/Baruxus is kind of a dick.

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0.8581 I played with it in the store and it is by far the most comfortable phone in my very large hand.
0.836 They, you, me, us, need to be reminded that life is worth living, we get only one and it is short, and there are always people there to help, you just have to be willing to accept the help.
0.7964 I truly love you Uncle Gary, more than you'll ever know and more than I ever told you.
0.7163 Great job!!!
0.7146 My quote is god damn right, it does take more courage and strength to live, because the easy way wouldve been for me to just off myself right after he did, instead of dealing with the pain.
0.6369 It says I Love You Uncle Titan
0.6369 It says I Love You Uncle Titan.
0.6369 Because, my Uncle loved me and he would want me to keep living.
0.5777 Ya know, you're so funny.
0.5574 Every day I now look at my arm and remember the pain of the tattoo and realize that I need to have the courage to do that which will make me and my mental state happy.
0.4767 I'll forever miss the time we spent together, but I will cherish it until my last breath.

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-0.8834 I am in no way disrespecting those who have killed themselves, I am simply acknowledging that they lost their battle, and reminding myself that they would want me to continue living.
-0.8801 So, because he was unhappy that his wife wanted to leave him he CHOSE to kill himself so that "no one gets to be happy".
-0.8591 Those things are intense struggles and when someone gets to the point of feeling that death is the only way up, you have lost the fight at that point.
-0.8481 My Uncle was clinically diagnosed with depression over 20 years ago, he had attempted suicide multiple times since then.
-0.8481 The tattoo was meant to start a conversation about the stigma of depression and suicide and it has served its purpose.
-0.8481 It's meant to start a conversation about depression and suicide.
-0.8318 I realize that you're just a troll with nothing better to do than to hate on a random post, but fuck you man, I have put more thought into this tattoo than you can even comprehend.
-0.7787 As someone who has personally attempted suicide and struggles with his own demons, I know first hand that fuck yes it does take more courage to live than it does to kill yourself.
-0.7717 My favorite Uncle in the God damn world chose to kill himself simply to spite his wife because she wanted a divorce.
-0.7184 I experienced what would have happened if I had killed myself, I heard my mothers scream, I comforted my grandparents, and I saw people from his deep past be affected.
-0.7003 But I'm dropping it because arguing about my tattoo with you is a waste of my time.
-0.6862 I didn't know what to do, I didn't have many friends, and I couldn't talk to anyone about how I felt because I was ashamed.