/u/BaronVonDrugula88 is very positive!

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0.9776 Really wanna tribute one of your pics, but **WHICH ONE THOUGH!?!?!** So much choice xD Thanks for the all the amazing posts, we love you!!!!!
0.9485 Love love love :)
0.9393 https://vid.me/vmkT Bit of a fail if I'm honest but i hope you still enjoy it :D
0.93 I love this pic, and the title makes it even better xD <3
0.9184 I'm a guy who likes his innies, and like other people have said it really is different strokes for different folks, but No, you have nothing to worry about :) you have a very pretty little kitty!
0.9118 Then i think it's safe to say that you and i are gonna get along juuuust fine ;P I'd happily cover some of your other material when i get the chance :3
0.8918 :D Certainly planning on tributing you when i get a chance ^.^ :]
0.8868 Still does o.O if I've even remembered that correctly, probably a different show like Reboot or something lol Thanks for the info though :D
0.8847 Sorry for the small load, but i hope you enjoy ;) https://vid.me/qmt1
0.8679 You're SUCH a beautiful women and you have the prettiest little pussy ever!!!!!
0.8553 And you have **suuuuuch** a beautiful pussy, I love it!

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-0.7184 Haunter oooor Butterfree, remember that episode when Ash lets Butterfree go? Aw, I just made myself sad :(
-0.6876 That ass is just....WOW!!!!!
-0.5423 And pussy and ass
-0.5413 I'm really jealous of people with good views of the night sky, the light pollution here is terrible and even if it wasn't the constant cloud coverage at night guarantees you won't see anything.
-0.5399 Oh hell yes!!
-0.5106 What was the name of that bitchy woman, little mai or something?
-0.4939 Fear not, little one
-0.4767 That part when he's on a swing, crying into his burger
-0.4364 This gif is so hot I cried.
-0.3818 Or face down ass up, whatever tickles your squanch ;)
-0.2808 :O May i tribute you at some point in the near future?
-0.2411 I'm not sure if the name has something to do with either just dogs in General, OR the dog from Kingdom Hospital.