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0.9545 Faq's are great for giving people vital information in a really easy way, and Live chat is a great way to reassure a potential customer.
0.9169 I'd also add there may be some good opportunities for some SEO certainly for "Cotton ties" & "silk ties" Hope this is valuable to you.
0.9041 Hope this is valuable to you, if you need anymore info just ask :) thanks!
0.9038 Hope this helps, should you need anymore advice I'm more than happy to help.
0.8519 Hi, Weebly is a perfectly good tools for creating a basic site.
0.8225 Hope this information is of value, feel free to send me a message should you have any other questions.
0.807 Thanks for the great answer!, will look into this in some more detail.
0.7906 A good start would be to get those great images on the main page with some call to action buttons.
0.7788 I LOVE the products, show them off!!!
0.7469 Hi Nick, Sorry but I don't know what plugins to recommend, but I saw this post and will recommend that you do both.
0.7264 however, for blogs and a few products I would suggest Wordpress is probably going to be better for you, really easy to use after a quick video tutorial.

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-0.4404 Having a similar issue :(
-0.3567 not entirely sure what your after, sorry.
-0.3353 should you need any more advice drop me a message.
-0.1531 normally it stops after a week or so .
-0.1298 As much as I like the photo I think it takes away from your presence on the site, and can maybe look a little unprofessional to some people.
0.0 This has been reversed...
0.0 it's really anoying but just have to grind it out for a week and it should stop/die down.
0.0 I guess you could just use wordpress.com?
0.0 the ".me.uk" extension is the sole purpose for an individual and cannot be used by a company.
0.0 Is it possible to get a link?
0.0 Are you able to give a little more detail at all?