/u/BOOTY_CHARITY is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8519 Titty love is seconded, all in favor? Also I love your piercings, and those nails, ugh
0.8398 A difficult choice, but with enough encouragement maybe I wouldn't have to choose ;) Teases aside, those are some lovely soles!
0.8251 Bushes and chokers and glass and toes greatly encouraged though ;) Really, this is just perfection
0.8122 Seems my favorite poster is back, looking great!
0.8074 Well, now I know what perfection looks like
0.7845 I suppose there maybe be a good chance then haha
0.7717 You just single handedly validated my appreciation of ballet dancers,- perhaps you'd like to chat?
0.7698 I'm not sure I've ever been so happy to be teased, lovely album!
0.763 You're very welcome :)
0.7574 I don't have any requests, but those are some lovely feet!
0.7351 Easy access is always appreciated

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.628 I approve of this ass
-0.5187 Road head sounds lovely, but what about 45 minutes of road ass?
-0.2755 I couldn't agree more, what are you listening to?
-0.25 Only if I get to suck first ;)
0.0 I understood that reference
0.0 Are you taking volunteers?
0.0 That I really ought to fill them, shouldn't I?
0.0 That is several bites.
0.0 Need a not-so-lazy tongue to go along with it?
0.0 How do you feel about 18yo white studs?
0.0 Is this willing cumslut taking volunteers then?
0.0 I'd offer to grab you some cake for your cakeday but it seems you already have some