/u/BBendingRodriguez03 is very positive!

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0.8555 I love redheads, they are the best.
0.836 I'm sure they do, but mine would be special lol
0.8126 I would love to be able to take my turn to enjoy them.
0.7845 Pretty happy about that.
0.7351 I'm always happy to see that smile.
0.7264 Well, this does make me very happy indeed.
0.7003 You're welcome to try lol
0.6908 Lol thanks.
0.6792 Gorgeous, I need to see more of those stockings and garters though!!
0.6705 Please, I could use a hand.
0.6705 I'm glad you like it...

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8316 I tend to look at everything in between a major war as leading up to the next major war.
-0.69 That is a tragedy of epic proportions!
-0.6652 Not a very long story, but today I was able to do my first full set of 10 curls with the 35 lb dumb bells.
-0.5574 Well what is the scrap value of a destroyed Death Star?
-0.4777 I'm not good enough to suck my own cock lol
-0.4767 Is there a way to fake a penis though?
-0.4404 She can wreck me as often as she likes...
-0.3875 Who wouldn't enjoy those soft, perky boobs?
-0.3182 I know each one is a kajillion empire credits and the rebels should have 1 and 3/4 of a death star worth of scrap metalZ.
-0.296 No Nightwing?
-0.296 Right, no question.
-0.2382 The poster is told when something is screenshotted and they can block you personally, but Snapchat doesn't do anything.