/u/Azekial_Khyber is kind of a dick.

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0.8897 Don't get me wrong guys, clans are awesome, they promote teamwork, and great communication, however, if you need your 6v1 clan to take down 1 dude, you're kinda sad.
0.8126 50K C-balls per 1m xp if you have a good blocklist and have all the good monster unlocking quests done, such as lunar diplomacy, and lighthouse quest.
0.7506 This would give new players something to do, and also gain game knowledge at the same time, Along with rewarding them for hard work.
0.7375 LOL, zulrah helper, snek is not even that hard.
0.7003 if your looking for a chill clan, join "divine valor" cc.
0.6956 Might seem a bit cringe but the avatar series got me through alot of my current agility xp, worth a watch imo.
0.6828 Isn't this the racist from ices twitch streams back when he played rs?
0.647 weekly reminder that rigour is one of the most powerful prayers and is fully worth around 100mil with blowpipe/tbow.
0.636 Congratulations!
0.6249 Great cc, really chill people to talk with.
0.4767 Personally I'd love to see a low level "task system" added for players with 10 hours or less game time.

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-0.9345 Not sure, but i still don't get how some of the things they say are not automatically mutable, like "kys faggot", "hang yourself", "kill yourself retard" etc.
-0.8442 harassment hrasmnt,hersmnt/ noun aggressive pressure or intimidation.
-0.8162 I still don't understand how "hang yourself", "kill yourself" or "kys faggot" is not an automatic mute, that is then checked, and if the context was not used as insulting gets the player unmuted.
-0.802 How sad is your life that you have to defend a person using racism at all in any way shape or form?
-0.7792 Fucking kids ruining a good stream, what the hell is wrong with people?
-0.7506 If its the same clan or same person doing the same things to you, over and over, then that is grounds for harassment, because they are going out of their way to annoy JUST that specific person.
-0.6908 you can kill jackals in the desert near nardah for dog tasks.
-0.6908 Telling someone to kill themselves over a video game?
-0.6808 Supporting people who fake cancer in 2016?
-0.6597 She faked cancer for donations.
-0.6597 she faked cancer.
-0.6597 in the case of this streamer it is, following him from world to world killing him, then after he hops doing it again, to the point where he needs to end early?