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0.8074 Awesome, see you in a few hours o/ I believe I said 2-3 in addition to the Silvally code, so you can just give me whatever you've got on hand c:
0.8074 I'm glad that you're glad~ I'll be sure to doodle you some cute Kalos HatChus too haha~ I actually just got the Silvally code, so I'll be PMing soon c:
0.807 Awesome, thanks!
0.807 Awesome thanks!
0.784 Great, thank you!
0.7777 Sure, sounds good to me c: Please give me a list of the languages you need, how many of each region's HatChu, and any specific dates if you need them!
0.7712 So if you've got any of those around I'd be happy to help you out!
0.7351 I'd be happy to do 10/17 then~ I'll have all 3 ready for you on 10/19 c:
0.7263 Sounds good, thanks so much!
0.7096 And is Jolly the only nature you'll accept?
0.6908 Ah I see~ Thanks for telling me though, or I would've kept waiting around for you to show up lol I'll be sending the proof soon (totally forgot to do it all those days ago

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-0.6476 No worries!
-0.636 It's no trouble at all!
-0.3595 No rush, just message me when you've finished!
-0.34 Shoot me a rate and we'll discuss c:
-0.3089 If OP isn't interested in this Celebi code, I might be c:
-0.296 Sorry for the delayed reply.
-0.296 It seems I can no longer make it for 9pm , so I was wondering if you'd still be available at 10pm?
-0.2755 I don't need anything, thank you anyway c:
-0.2316 Glad I remembered to ask, would hate to trade you a bunch of HatChus you didn't want haha~
-0.1513 Really sorry to keep you waiting.
-0.128 All the event Hat Pikachu have that OT so it must be Ash no matter what lol So is that a no for the proof?
-0.1027 Otherwise, I can do as many as I can tonight, and finish up the rest tomorrow night :o