/u/Atx_hater is kind of a dick.

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0.9022 your editing ins't perfect, your singing isn't perfect, the fisher price toy and pirated copy of frootyloops you have isn't perfect.
0.8885 clearly if you were washing dishes for rich white people then your best course of action to repay them is a payday loan, or quite possibly, a title loan on your 1992 honda civic.
0.8256 oh wow, you went and explored a place, i'm so glad you posted it here, as i've never once been downtown and always pondered at the mysteries that lay there.
0.8126 And what talents could you possibly have except providing a warm hole on the receiving end of a glory hole?
0.783 its a great place to not ask stupid fucking questions.
0.6486 alright pop star, have fun trying to get someone to work in this town without paying you.
0.6249 happy cake/GOT day you double o loving fuck
0.6249 Thanks for creating such and informative documentary so that generations from now can reflect upon this historical and artistic film.
0.6124 pro tip, everyone here has already seen the shit you call art.
0.5859 oh wow, how artistic and unique.
0.5562 have fun at the ARCH!

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-0.891 fuck you you dumb cunt for not knowing how to do your own god damn fucktarded job.
-0.8834 Called one of those cop haters a faggot for wasting taxpayer money.
-0.8566 that time of year when fat little retard fucks come to town asking what bars on 6th are 16+ by some fat bastard wearing a laynard.
-0.8442 its a leftover from the apollo 18 mars landing. no you retard its an old car that no one could be bothered to move.
-0.8126 is this cop hating fucktard still running around?
-0.7783 he can't even stand up to look out the window to look at you retarded fucks.
-0.7655 Retarded little cunt.
-0.7579 here is some actual advice you dumb cunt, learn the difference between 'advice' and 'advise'
-0.7579 TL:DR Someone stabbed people at a shitty apartment on riverside and montopolis.
-0.7474 Reggae fucking sucks donkey dick.
-0.6908 my president says you're a terrorist.
-0.6908 no you tard, the NJ state gov shut down, there isn't funding for anything, including money to keep state parks open.