/u/Ashilikia is very positive!

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0.9696 Great work to get to that point :D :D Great job on the successful talk, too!
0.9412 I got a great compliment on my dancing from an award winner at GHC!
0.9363 Great work getting the research done :D Good luck on your interview!
0.9337 Great job reaching out to people, and I hope you have a ton of fun at the conference :)
0.9329 Great job, and good luck with the scholarship/review process :D
0.9324 New semester get together sounds like a lot of fun :) Good luck as you continue on with your research!
0.9304 Great job putting together a fun and engaging activity :D
0.9286 Great work turning around and resubmitting, and good luck with this round. Yay for home office supplies!
0.9209 Technically last week but it was exciting. Also lots of good interview happenings, waiting for results :)
0.92 I hope there was a positive resolution. Once again, it's really awesome of you to be supportive of faculty.
0.9169 I did great on my Google interviews, met lots of awesome people, and attended excellent sessions.

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-0.7579 I've been there, and I was an ass that sucked at communication.
-0.7351 I feel you on the uncertainty though; I tried systems before which were too inconvenient for me to bother keeping up to date with, and it always fell through.
-0.5707 Aww hell yeah!
-0.5411 YAY NO CANCER!
-0.4574 Damn girl, that's some dedication!
-0.4215 No thanks. Edit: I realized you were responding to the ambiguity in what I said, my bad.
-0.3612 Sorry, no commiseration here.
-0.296 You will need to ask a program administrator, because we have no way of knowing your school's policy.
-0.2755 OP said that they don't like to wear headphones and that the tic was quiet.
-0.25 My field has open office spaces in most industry jobs, and we are expected to be able to work with near constant sound distractions.
-0.2244 I'm glad you got out of a crappy spot!
-0.2124 I am a bit nervous it will end up being too cold, but we'll see!