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0.9356 WW ones are mostly timed out i believe =D thanks tho appreciated =D
0.9226 Used already in TR, please remember to use salshes next time =D thanks tho =D
0.9158 Thanks man good luck with the channel =D
0.898 Good thing is I don't have a family so I guess I can grab bunch of credit cards like 6 months before my demise and use the shit out of them without the worry of leaving anybody with that debt.
0.8741 Thank you for your comment =D I do think like you too; Martin doesn't promise a lot as a villian and surely not have the charisma to carry on the plan.
0.8455 Thanks for helping it worked =D
0.836 I find it relaxing, thanks for sharing.
0.8316 [This] is both one of my fav pictures and my favorite Marvel character.
0.8221 I would love if I could get my hands on "Orcs must die!" or "Medal of Honor".
0.8172 Doctor Manhattan is my fav "hero" if we can count him as such. I would love to try Teleglitch! 50
0.8122 I would love to get my hands on Castle Crashers, thanks!

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-0.7003 I believe it should be "Bisexuality" gene not "Homosexuality" gene that passes on through these sneaky fuckers.
-0.5719 Why do you hate ponies so much tho?
-0.5719 Why do dogs usually walk backwards when they are around a place which they've had traumatic experience once?
-0.5499 I don't know if it changes anything but I was The Lost as a character. Edit: It's hard mode.
-0.4939 This subreddit is starting to scare me.
-0.4215 It's the same guy faking new accounts.
-0.3818 crap on /r/leagueofgiving
-0.3612 Report this douche.
-0.296 No MLP ever?
-0.2263 I don't remember how or why I stopped tho.
-0.2235 I don't know why. Yeah that's it I guess.
-0.2183 I would date you so hard you would think I'm a timestamp