/u/Ardekan is kind of a dick.

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0.8356 B-b-but we need a super strong defence force, even if it costs trillions of dollars!
0.765 Wow such a powerful seperatism.
0.7615 They don't give a fuck about you or any other people in the region, on the contrary, they are happy to see us divided and at odds with each other.
0.7506 There are plenty of stable countries in the region though the Americans are trying their best to change that.
0.7351 We know better than to trust Russians.
0.7269 I'll make sure to tell the CIA and the UNSC about your amazing and eye-opening comment.
0.7163 At least they weren't stupid enough to become American soliders =)
0.6682 Just you need more social freedom.
0.6369 Iran is a mediocre country at best.
0.6369 Try taking pictures from different angles and better lighting because it makes a huge difference.
0.6249 They all were convinced enough for the UN security council resolutions against Iran to go through.

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-0.891 All of these have threatened Iran with war more than once, one of those with nuclear strikes, and yet there is no proof of Iran seeking nukes.
-0.8481 The problem is that Kurdish people are being abused by foreigners and have been since the Ottoman collapse.
-0.8074 I am annoying as hell.
-0.7964 And no I wouldn't ever lie or deny what I am because fuck that. I am an Atheist too, and so are many people in both Iran and Saudi Arabia.
-0.7865 There is a difference between saying "LOOK AT ME I AM DOING NOTHING WRONG" and spamming #natty in every single social media platform, versus not mentioning it at all.
-0.7717 Kurds are naive as hell.
-0.765 That source has a hint of the familiar stench of anti Iranian propaganda.
-0.7245 More like they killed hundreds of Iraqi civilians just last week in a single attack.
-0.7184 This is also why the Americans wants to push their ridiculous demands of stopping Iran from possessing even the most basic military equipment, even nationally produced weapons.
-0.7096 Calling people retarded for wanting the Israeli regime gone and such a barbaric culture with it is like calling those opposed to the Nazis retarded.
-0.6917 Americans don't like it when people point out how shitty and twofaced their country's foreign policy is.
-0.6908 Didn't a bunch of Israelis camp outside Gaza just to watch their military murder Palestinians last time they "mowed the lawn" ?