/u/ArchangelleMichaelle is kind of a dick.

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0.8779 thats because your average person is ignorant about trans* issues, but if they take a second to research for themselves, they can figure it out pretty easily like i did. /r/IAmA
0.8308 Men who are rational, however, won't kick or struggle or raise a distressing fuss, but will just sit back, relax, enjoy the show and ride the waves to their demise. /r/ShitRedditSays
0.8125 The male, capable of only the latter, makes a virtue of irremediable fault and sets up self-absorption, not only as a good but as a Philosophical Good, and thus gets credit for being deep. /r/ShitRedditSays
0.7964 His reward for doing so will be the opportunity to fraternize after the session for a whole, solid hour with the **SCUM** who will be present. /r/ShitRedditSays
0.7506 Happiness likes outside yourself, is achieved through interacting with others. /r/ShitRedditSays
0.7319 because reddit karma has literally zero moral value hth, ur pretty easy 2 piss off 4 a profesional trol huh?? /r/IAmA
0.7269 The male is docile and easily led, easily subjected to the domination of any female who cares to dominate him. /r/ShitRedditSays
0.7096 *We appreciate and honor thy obedience and thy Truth.* /r/ShitRedditSays
0.652 *Those are not mutually exclusive, my dear disciple; one need not be neurotypical to realize that speaking about men the way women are spoken about makes for effective satire.* /r/ShitRedditSays
0.6369 *I do love how they believe Our Will conforms to their Human Time.* /r/ShitRedditSays
0.631 i mean there are plenty of male identified ppl who have penisis but im p sure not all of them do and that is fine. /r/IAmA

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-0.93 The many male scientists who shy away from biological research, terrified of the discovery that males are females, and show marked preference for virile, manly' war and death programs. 2. /r/ShitRedditSays
-0.9001 In fact the problems of aging and death could be solved within a few years, if an all-out, massive scientific assault were made upon the problem. /r/ShitRedditSays
-0.8957 The commune, therefore, is doomed to failure; each hippy' will, in panic, grad the first simpleton who digs him and whisks her off to the suburbs as fast as he can. /r/ShitRedditSays
-0.8807 oh no my stupid fucking liberalism is in trouble :( /r/ShitRedditSays
-0.8779 Absorbing culture' is a desperate, frantic attempt to groove in an ungroovy world, to escape the horror of a sterile, mindless, existence. /r/ShitRedditSays
-0.875 **SCUM** will always be furtive, sneaky, underhanded . Both destruction and killing will be selective and discriminate. /r/ShitRedditSays
-0.8402 When **SCUM** gets hot on their asses it'll shape up fast. Simultaneously with the fucking-up, looting, couple-busting, destroying and killing, **SCUM** will recruit. /r/ShitRedditSays
-0.836 The male changes only when forced to do so by technology, when he has no choice, when society' reaches the stage where he must change or die. /r/ShitRedditSays
-0.8176 The males like death -- it excites him sexually and, already dead inside, he wants to die. 8. /r/ShitRedditSays
-0.8163 It doesn't matter, all of those users have offended me grievously & should be in jail 4 hate crimes. /r/redditrequest
-0.7783 Propaganda disseminated by insecure male professionals, who jealously guard their positions, so that only a highly select few can comprehend abstract scientific concepts. 4. /r/ShitRedditSays
-0.7783 The discouragement of many potential scientists from scientific careers by the rigidity, boringness, expensiveness, time-consumingness, and unfair exclusivity of our higher' educational system. /r/ShitRedditSays