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0.8564 I get that they dont want to nerf every card or that not every card is reno or elise, but you have so many passionate players from all different levels and game modes that want the game to improve.
0.7964 Yeah, out of about 15 friends only one of them still plays and I only play with him when I play, the game is in an awful state.
0.7884 Lmao, faker could pick so many other champs
0.7845 With your method, one survivor will always be the best and you have no reason to play Dwight/Nea as opposed to now.
0.6801 Well I suppose its a fucking good thing theres like 4 infinites left, no jungle gyms, windows nerfed, and you know enduring/brutal existing.
0.6486 Sorry I read it as encountering face campers 90% of the time, because I play with a friend and he gets camped in games where I don't and vice versa.
0.6486 And the reality is, despite the devs trying their best to make both sides fair, there's no constructive discussion coming out of here.
0.6478 Reminds me of some certain fans before we got 3 really good players
0.5574 Thank god, later unsafe vehicles
0.5499 but its interesting
0.5473 Yeah no, I haven't touched this game this month since this patch so I got thrown to 15, every single game is a camper LOL

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-0.9001 The fact that on the patch with killers being miles stronger than survivors besides Decisive Strike and every killer abuses the DS bug you people are still all complaining survivors are overpowered.
-0.8885 Reddit is the killers all crying while in game is the survivors all crying.
-0.8807 If you are crying about killers in their strongest patch ever, you are bad, full stop.
-0.8626 You see it with many things on reddit and no group is more guilty than the other, but its so FUCKING irritating.
-0.8591 I mean theres plenty of people that will abuse it, and at the same time there are TONS of new killers that afk camp people and I cannot wait for them to not be able to.
-0.8573 Quality of life is a change that is helpful but not a nerf or a buff, thats a straight buff as it allows the defensive killer to be offensive
-0.8316 Man, i feel bad when they say they are trying their best, and I get that they are passionate, but the lack of communication and stubbornness kills me.
-0.8271 Am I the only one that thinks they just doomed Elysium because they announced them and said fuck you to Blizzard?
-0.8204 Im fucking angry and I hate both teams
-0.8126 Look on reddit, its always killers crying.
-0.8074 Killers are always cry babies, they have the upper hand for once and by a mile and they still find something nearly non existing and they cry all day.
-0.7935 Killers act like bad gameplay makes them good at the game, yeah you win but its boring as shit and cheap.