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0.9382 Great point, I like the idea of pointing to his greater compassion and aim for justice.
0.9274 Yes please send messages of love to your cherished ones, that warms my .
0.886 That is beautiful and powerful to share with me thank you so much...sincerely.
0.8827 If you guys want to divide them or however people want to do it would be amazing!! Thank you, thank you again! https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B49DfcOtXTuSX0JXQ1g3MXBNX1E&usp=sharing
0.8807 Apply for scholarships, grants etc. Have fun, make friends, and take classes that sound enjoyable to you.
0.8625 I appreciate your love and support and may take you up on contacting you at some point.
0.8576 It's actually super comfortable and compatibility at least with android has been without problems.
0.8488 Thank you so much to you two and whoever else!! Just FYI cuz I love him and miss her.
0.8478 Wow awesome specific and detailed information!
0.8442 Just play with it on my leg or my belly haha...dunno if it would be the best on a bus ride or something like that though
0.8442 please that is an awesome idea and I definitely would NOT mind

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-0.8588 Oh shit, turn into a wolf and get the hell out of there!
-0.8338 There's like 8 songs give or take. edit: months later I know but I want the record to be clear I am in no way blaming him for her death.
-0.8067 Life is so freaking unfair at times!
-0.7712 There are definitely bastard teachers out there where you wonder "why the hell did you become a teacher?!"
-0.7003 It's a damn shame.
-0.68 No kidding we're kicking ass!
-0.6114 oh no that sux!
-0.4003 That is crazy!
-0.3612 Prediction: next reveal has shulk fighting ganondorf
-0.3182 Way too many suffering kids slip through without a single adult at school reaching out.
-0.296 Oh my gosh that is an incredible idea and no I would NOT mind that at all.
-0.296 No it's actually not attached I just set it next to it for the pic.