/u/Andrea_227 is very positive!

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0.9754 You are very nice =) I wish you the best success for this beautiful project, it really encouraged me
0.931 Thanks =) I completely agree with you, you are very nice, it really helps a lot to read this
0.9186 I also love to draw, you can see some of mine [@andreaprieto227] Feel free to follow back if you like them :)
0.9136 This community IS wonderful, and you are a wonderful person as well =)
0.9133 Your page is the perfect mix of cool and fun, I really liked it, followed!
0.8979 Thank you :) you hace some pretty cool pictures, followed back ;)
0.8979 This one is great as well, I like it a lot =)
0.8858 Your page has a really nice flow, everything looks super cool and well put together.
0.8807 That's nice =) Thank you very much, it does help a lot
0.8775 I really hope it gets resolved, good luck!
0.8695 :D I really love this project!

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-0.7693 Besides, the idiot who send that PM most definetely lives a sad enough life already.
-0.6114 Those look terrifying!
-0.5729 HOWEVER if their username is made public and they recieve the critisism and hate they **deserve**, I won't feel even slightly sorry for them .
-0.5423 Fuck whoever send that message
-0.3822 I might be wrong, my english is not that strong anyway =)
-0.296 Under Pressure?
-0.2057 They knew it wouldn't be well recieved, so they send it personally just to do the damge without having to deal with the inevitable backlash.
-0.1695 Considering that the korrasami statue has two figures, I wouldn't be surprised if it was $400
-0.1537 Ok, I'm quite new to reddit, so, sorry to bother, but I don't really understand where to post...
-0.0772 Sad it got cut out though, would have loved to have seen it in the movie.
-0.0516 If you get assigned the highest level of financial aid, not only will you pay nothing for tuition, but the university will *give* you money for books, food and transportation.
0.0 Did she specify South?