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0.9201 God gave me a patient smile, the fond one parents can be seen giving their children when the child is trying their best to grapple with something entirely new.
0.8932 Best of luck finding a new book to enjoy!
0.8881 Also, cheers for providing 'progress pictures' on your tumblr, they made the original picture even more interesting!
0.8873 The main character is definitely unsympathic, but whether it's through a casual redeeming arc, a dark background, or his cleverness and ability to improvise, you end up rooting for him.
0.8779 Additionally, I'd like to praise you for working to improve your writing such as by submitting here - you're already well on your way.
0.8705 I greatly enjoyed that, thanks for sharing!
0.8653 So I honestly think you've done a pretty good job keeping things varied!
0.8625 If you're able to enjoy young adult fiction, I'm fairly certain you'll enjoy Epic as well.
0.855 And praise for your homebrew, too - I would absolutely love using it!
0.8518 Haha, don't worry, I absolutely get what you mean, and kudos for taking on the challenge!
0.8442 "Will you manage on your own, wise one?" Letting out a deep laugh, the shaman said, "I settled in these mountains when you were but a whelp, and I'll stay here for a while yet." He smiled again.

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-0.8016 Though he usually had no issues with Elleya's complaints, it irritated him that she spoke so plainly in front of an elder of his own race - and a shaman, at that!
-0.7845 What we do is rob *merchants, noblemen, men of coin* - not other members of the Thieves' Guild," Mira replied.
-0.6783 My only complaint is I don't know what to do with this sadness after having finished reading it.
-0.6662 In the evening?" "Scared of the dark, Ghruul?" Elleya teased him, her dark eyes glinting.
-0.6486 After all, how does one process the fact that one's supposed to be dead? Realisation did set in, however, one small change at a time.
-0.6486 ...do you need a seat?" Despite being dead, I must have looked a bit pale.
-0.636 And no problem at all!
-0.6249 before finally, it stopped, winded, breath laboured and legs aching.
-0.5978 ***"Never heard the desperation tinting her voice as she pleads for her child not to share her fate?
-0.5859 For an 'unwilling' pact on the demon's side, it might be that the demon is simply desperate, whether it's fighting celestial beings or rival fiends.
-0.5848 Not bad at all!
-0.5719 Lock in the answer." With a pale finger, the Grim Reaper sliced through the thread.