/u/Anarchyorion is kind of a dick.

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0.7635 Wow the Dropship really look like a nope
0.7351 These sounds are generally pretty low quality, you can't really make it a crisp and clear sound like in modern games.
0.6705 I'm pretty sure everyone already tagged you as "bollox alt"
0.5994 Well the Flock does get used in the game at the end scene with Gman That dancing robot lol
0.5859 J K Simmons is always a win
0.5859 You mean the Koreans always win.
0.5719 "These heroes are feces, we want it to be like dirt"
0.4767 You could use a flamethrower It is just as effective
0.4404 Feels Good Inc
0.4404 [It's still a good game]
0.3612 Wondering if we ever get to see a super hi-poly Gravity Gun

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9325 fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck
-0.8126 People likes dumb shit, obviously because they are too, dumb.
-0.7177 How to cast Battle Cry "Sven!
-0.6808 Then what the hell were those 300 employees doing this whole time ?
-0.6195 We're fucking desperate atm so it is no stranger things to why these theories to happen, woman.
-0.5859 It's "Meat Incapacitation Training", bitch.
-0.5574 Few first try you would spend your time stuck, dead, exploring and appreciate the game Other replays it's just a speed run mostly
-0.5574 You know the game is shit when you can't hype up a big event
-0.5423 Hey, it was only 13 minutes, they might get 1 or 2 kills by the end
-0.5423 [Too bad they both got Terminal 17]
-0.5423 fuck you're talkin'bout ?
-0.5106 Now you're depressed because the game is over.