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0.9133 At least it turned out better than the shaky cam vids, lmao! Hope you enjoyed nonetheless!
0.8805 Plus, I think you know best, considering you're **VERY** active on /r/Europe, haha!
0.8748 Lmao, glad you liked it!
0.8395 Now I have clear definitions as to what it is! Hope you find this way of classification better!
0.8313 Haha, glad you like it!
0.8217 Thanks dude! Awesome giveaway!
0.8122 143! Thanks
0.802 Yes, I'm pretty sure this is the case.
0.7925 You welcome :D
0.7603 Undertale would be so awesome OP!
0.7568 [My favorite rare pepe!] Thanks for the giveaway!

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-0.7927 Those poor 4000 researchers that don't get to play Pokemon Go. :(
-0.7003 No shit they have to wear Hijabs...
-0.6476 Ofc, no worries!
-0.636 No problem!
-0.4574 Oh, trial and error What a time consuming thing It blows major balls Edit: I need to add my steam!
-0.3818 People dump their steam keys...
-0.34 Edit: Grammar mistake.
-0.34 unfortunately.
-0.3182 I'm confused about this subreddit...
-0.296 No additions...
-0.296 True, I meant no disrespect.
-0.2732 Correct, however, China doesn't have the game and will never get the game because google services are blocked there.