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0.8979 The best part of being an indie dev is having the freedom to chop up your day as you like, the hardest part is not spending time with family.
0.8906 :) Hearing such positive feedback from complete strangers is very encouraging!
0.8902 Also, SUPER IMPORTANT , get the visual work done quick and dirty, do NOT spend time making it pretty until it plays well.
0.8478 :) Thanks a lot for the interest!
0.8402 If you like the game and would like to support us, please got to our [Greenlight page].
0.836 It's also a source of great joy for us.
0.8176 I became ambitious and decided I wanted to make a procedurally generated party game in the vein of Mario Party.
0.802 Super fun, 16 card game.
0.8016 That's dope man, I wish you guys the best!
0.7964 My favorite is how dynamic it is, I feel like you ALWAYS have to be on your toes.
0.7863 We certainly plan on making more levels, I don't want to spoil the surprise of what I have in mind yet but yes, organic certainly is a route I want to go for one level.

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-0.8357 Hell, if nothing else, it's a great story.
-0.6908 One hit kill.
-0.5562 Moments later an angry mob bursts into the room!
-0.4939 There are two types of enemies.
-0.4404 That was painful.
-0.4019 This is a point that Bryan and I are probably running into some problems with.
-0.3818 Sometimes you have to just dump whatever is in your mind onto the page, as quickly as possible.
-0.3182 After actually trying to make it, we realized it became mutliplayer solitaire after you lost sight of someone.
-0.3109 One thing we hated growing up was following a project with HUGE potential only to see it stall out.
-0.296 Together we made a game called Avoid All Zombies.
-0.296 We're in no short supply of game modes, etc.
-0.296 Balancing family and this is probably the trickiest part.