/u/Alnabigha is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.9062 Wow, you captured that amazing view beautifully.
0.8271 You captured the depth and colours of that amazing landscape wonderfully.
0.8225 Wow, looks amazing.
0.7969 So adorable and his color is so nice.
0.7959 You captured that beautiful view nicely!
0.7902 You captured that amazing view so nicely.
0.7745 That is such a breathtaking scenery and you captured it so nicely.
0.7717 You captured that breathtaking landscape beautifully.
0.7474 Aww, so cute and nice outfit.
0.743 You captured that stunning landscape beautifully.
0.6588 Great shot!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
0.1027 She knows how to hide well.
0.3612 Aww, such a cutie puppy.
0.3612 That looks like a stuffed toy.
0.3612 such a cutie puppy
0.3612 Aww, such a cutie puppy
0.3612 Aww, such a cutie and tidy lil cat
0.3818 Stunning scenery
0.3818 That is such a picturesque scenery
0.3818 stunning scenery
0.3818 Stunning view
0.4389 Stunning landscape!
0.4389 Stunning view!