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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9081 With great pleasure ;) will you help me explode?
0.9001 I agree :) I love the taste of a fresh pie
0.8979 I love candy :) you sound delicious.
0.857 She looks so delicious, I would taste every inch of her perfect body
0.839 Very impressive I wish I could play with them
0.836 I would love to be sloppy second or taste that delicious pie
0.8316 I bet you would be smiling even more f she had two nice cocks in front of her cute lips
0.8225 Wow what an amazing view.
0.7845 I would love to take the front and then lick her clean
0.7845 I would love to add to it before licking her clean
0.7693 I am very obedient and happy to clean you both if thats required.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.6249 I would start by licking her asshole while you fuck before pushing my cock deep into her
-0.5423 Mouthwatering ass
-0.4926 I would suck anything for her!
-0.4767 Shame that I am so far away in Germany.
-0.4404 I will switch back and forth and suck on your clit too Do you squirt?
-0.3612 No need to be sorry.
-0.3578 Stunning ass!!
-0.34 Shall I get behind that perfect ass or do you want to try to suck 2 cocks at the same time?
-0.3182 Anything I could do against her shyness?
-0.1742 Very nice ass
-0.1531 Mouth, finger or cock?
-0.1027 Nah 1 in a thousand