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0.9678 It is a combination of our love, trust , communication and our own sexual enjoyment and pleasure of each other that makes sharing her fun.
0.9634 The thing I normally find is that these feelings add to the excitement and are not or fear but of true desire to see her pleased and have positive experiences.
0.9524 Over time I've really come to enjoy and prefer this for her for her enjoyment, safety and just the passion that comes with an ongoing FWB.
0.9509 Congrats to you both on a wonderful first experience and thanks for sharing your great story.
0.9274 He seems like he will be a great friend to Joy.
0.9231 That must be great to have such a reliable friend for her and seems like you all play well together.
0.9217 Great story , thanks for sharing and congrats on such a hot experience.
0.9117 Wow very sexy video and great ending.
0.9099 She loves to see bi men play, and is bi herself, so she was very cool about it and we lined up couple mfm with bi men and had amazing times.
0.9073 For example I loved seeing her with another man and she saw/felt that, and I got more excitement and pleasure from hers.
0.9062 Great update, best to luck to you both.

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-0.9013 So many flakes and liars can make it really a pain and ruin the entire thing.
-0.7717 She was nervous I would expect the same some day, she was worried about guilt or jealousy etc.
-0.6597 They fucked in our bed, and she was wearing the lingerie that was to be my present.
-0.5719 We hate labels and "bull" just doesn't work for us.
-0.4939 Of course that's a fear many people have.
-0.4215 You really have to look inside and balance your own desires and fears and talk to her ...
-0.4019 Damn that's hot
-0.4019 While a common enough fantasy for both men and women, there is one small problem.
-0.3724 The fact she made you watch the entire thing the first time without any relief is very hot.
-0.34 It's hard when they are alone and trying to split attention with the guy and the camera.
-0.2732 They watched movie and we're able to not only cuddles during the scary movie but almost spoon right in the theater.
-0.2401 She that Friday as I finished work and headed home she told me to not come straight home and who was coming over!