/u/Aiyannaleigh is very positive!

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0.8689 Well I'm glad I could help :)
0.8625 I see super pretty girls like you guys on here all the time and they never seem to get the appropriate up votes as I think they should have.
0.8481 Your welcome kindly haha
0.836 Haha you're funny :)
0.836 Haha what a nice compliment.
0.8271 Hahaha awesome
0.8225 Haha yes the possibilities are good.
0.8207 Well I could see my nipples through it but I guess with the lighting you guys can't see so that's good ;)
0.802 Thank you...did the stars help haha
0.8016 Super cute!
0.7835 I always like hearing from you ;) thanks!!

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-0.5719 I also hate how everyone bis all about hooking up.
-0.5267 That I blew a full scholarship to an ivy league school over a guy that was such a loser.
-0.296 No reason just took some time off.
-0.0516 It does get hard sometimes but I don't have anyone to vent on this to.
-0.0474 People get so engrossed in their online presence that they loose a real life presence.
0.0 Female here.
0.0 Plus I would rather be with someone who has standards and doesn't just go with any and everyone.
0.0 Omg your post totally speaks to me.
0.0 It's been quite a while since I've been with anyone but I am such a sexual being.
0.0 Such a hot story!!
0.0 Your face is what makes this hot
0.0 Noooooooo they aren't supposed to give you the blues.