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0.9062 I love this time in my life, and I've learned to love better because of it.
0.8979 My experience at UWA's Buisness School has been pretty positive; I'm studying Finance & Accounting and on the whole the lecturers and tutors have been great.
0.8957 This seems like an awesome step forward for gmail, I'd love to try it out if someone can PM me?
0.891 Thank God, her mother, our families, the medical staff at Women's Prentice and an amazing organization called The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicago.
0.875 Yeah it seems like Vic Mensa is really on the up; putting out interesting, different tracks and going on world tours but Chance seems to be moving pretty slow
0.8641 I'd agree that it's a pretty open space but I think of all the Big 4 Kaisen fits into Deloitte the best.
0.8516 Yeah somebody with some technical skill could make a really cool website just producing neat visual lists like that
0.8462 Vanishing Elephant isn't cheap by other standards but a pretty good sale nevertheless - [link]
0.8442 Business consulting sounds like it could be a great fit for you; check out some of the links on /r/consulting
0.8221 The ethical dimensions of Papers Please sound really interesting.
0.8126 Sword of Xolan is great and the ads don't seem too obtrusive for the free version which is always a plus when trying out a new game.

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-0.7381 I've just set up a system using /u/AutoModerator will post a BST thread automatically every Friday so no worries!
-0.6476 No worries!
-0.5994 From [*'The First World War in Colour'* by Peter Walther]
-0.5927 i emailed the google account requesting but haven't heard anything back :(
-0.4404 That being said, I think the criticism that UWA can be too theoretical at times is a valid one.
-0.4215 Every time I hear someone talk about how Sanders would've beaten Trump I think about this video.
-0.4201 It's generally considered one of the more difficult majors and also shows you have quantitative skills.
-0.4019 Not a bad infographic but this sub is only supposed to be for articles sorry.
-0.3382 Ah no worries, thanks for finding the link!
-0.2411 It might not be available on mobile because of the music licensing; not 100% sure though.
-0.2023 It's just a bit frustrating that there appears to be no substantial customisation; just seems like you choose from pre-created characters.
-0.1779 It also avoids the 'pigeonholing' into accounting that you seem concerned about.