/u/AaaThrowie is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9304 Congratulations on your special furry friend :D
0.8779 All your plushies will be happy to join together in love.
0.8779 I've always said plushies just want their person to be happy and just glad to be your furry friends.
0.8625 Fun to play with as I'm just playing around with it with friends and stuff.
0.8625 Just hugging and cuddling is enough to feel real great, add rubbing to that and it's a party.
0.8591 Pretty cute :3
0.8591 :( you should be happy about your beautiful collection and find much joy in them.
0.8573 Very beautiful, very precious.
0.8519 Most of mine are naked and I prefer it that way for cozier cuddles, but I do think a bunch of outfits and themes would be pretty cute.
0.8519 certainly therapeutic, helpful for the imagination, great decorations, gifts and so on.
0.851 :3 awesome!!!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6917 I should be shamed, not encouraged.
-0.6597 When you share your memes with the ghost, they're gonna say "I'm dead"
-0.5559 Doesn't help for a nice cuddle buddy.
-0.4019 So much that your cries get muffled in all the fluff.
-0.3919 but for real, getting cut by a plushie?
-0.296 I also keep mine under the blankets to avoid dust.
-0.296 No need for any holes and so on.
-0.296 Anywhere else obviously it's no big deal.
-0.2617 I'd draw a version of the "thats where you're wrong" one, but I can't just recycle old memes.
-0.25 You want a danker entrance, suggest danker questions smh.
-0.2415 *hugs* now tell me more about your weird fetishes.
-0.1779 I shake paws with any I see.