/u/9volttvr is very positive!

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0.9519 Would love to see more of you two, you looks great :D Oh and the beers nice too ;)
0.9161 i know this is late but you look great, your boobs are amazing too.
0.8622 Love this series, great work man!
0.8555 love it, love her, can't wait for the rest.
0.8481 awesome share, thanks
0.8402 Beautiful, think you have a great body.
0.8271 Always had a thing for her, thanks for sharing :)
0.8173 Love it, very cute.
0.8173 Would love to see more :)
0.7964 Amazing, love your tits.
0.7964 Love it thanks stup

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-0.5423 But her ass is flat.
-0.5423 Big boobs, big ass.
-0.4976 check out that channel for more, not linking here because I dont want them to get banned
-0.4767 I have a lot of requests to give the videos away but unfortunately I do not download them I just watch them on Vimeo and They are cheap enough to buy.
-0.4209 I would be hella guilty, wouldn't even pretend I wasn't looking.
-0.4019 Damn, more?
-0.4019 Damn shes hot ...
-0.34 Unfortunately doesn't slip etc.
-0.2247 Agreed we need more, damn
-0.2235 If anybody wants them message me as it won't let me share google drive links.
-0.2144 Damn, dont comment much but thought I had to here.
-0.1779 Unfortunately I dont have capture software but heres a screen. http://imgur.com/a/RxjiO