/u/87658764 is a total dick!

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0.7003 But one thing is pretty clear.
0.6767 It wasnt supposed to be like this, I thought she was polling well in Florida????
0.6682 Some fucking production value would be nice.
0.6369 As far as I'm concerned Jon Jones is the best in the UFC, not Connor.
0.5994 I can't believe he made that great unintentionally pro trump speech, then he went on to sperg out about transsexual president's and how its ok for women to shoot their husbands.
0.5992 Rogan may be entertaining and funny but don't forget that he's a snake oil salesman.
0.5859 Wow the guy had a non liberal opinion.
0.5719 Like how do you get a LW title shot after on a 1 fight win streak and haven't even defended your fw belt?
0.5267 Nice, nerfs to tail guns and buffs to fighter planes.
0.5106 glorified seagull
0.469 We need more refugees, especially like [these guys] WE NEED MORE ENRICHMENT.

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-0.927 If you place a bomb in a busy shopping center and kill 100's of civilians, that's terrorism. It doesn't matter whether it was done by non government, or a government agency.
-0.8481 If they think it's going to make their previous shows hard to find, they're sadly mistaken. Annoys me when models think they can hide the fact that they're camwhores.
-0.836 Ronda getting in his face as if she's tough shit, This bitch is a cringe factory.
-0.8271 This headline is misleading. It's just a white racist nazi Drumpf supporter being culturally enriched by diverse and oppressed people.
-0.8126 Lonely losers putting themselves in debt so they can "help" their "friend" who makes over 100k a month.
-0.7661 This is so fucked.
-0.765 I know I'm probably going to get banned because CTR. But come on. Cernovich and Kim Dotcom are full of shit.
-0.7612 Only stories that haven't been blessed by CNN can be conspiracy theories.
-0.7501 Why the fucking fuck is she losing?
-0.7096 Fuck sport, we want to see fights.
-0.7003 this immediate rematch shit needs to stop.
-0.6908 Kill all muslims.