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0.8724 please PM if he is in Edit: That sounds amazing if you need or want help don't hesitate to ask
0.8702 Yes but I hope to have a sort of newsfeed which will tell what is most popular at the time
0.8655 I really appreciate your input and I do agree that webApp is the best startup area.
0.8573 This is true but if this app became popular than that would be a problem because your goal in meowmeowbeenz is to be the most popular and typically the popular people get more beenz.
0.8519 I am not actually building a castle because I am terrible at building but I would love to help out anyone who wants the interior of their castle touched up.
0.8481 I would love it if you would check out my in development map and see what you like and don't like.
0.836 We are hoping to do a contest every 2 weeks and the winner will have access to the 5 fair.
0.8201 You could tell people that you are popular but you might not know enough people that are popular to increase your beenz If this doesnt make sense I can try to explain it in a different way
0.7906 Trust me i hate ads and I am more of an android fan myself, also anywhere we can save money is good for me.
0.7906 That is great thanks
0.7845 Yes this is a feature I would love to have

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-0.6486 I would hate to see the tree removed but I don't know an other solution. BTW Did you send the map to rob yet?
-0.6355 I have followed the steps under "Odin Install Method " but every time I try to flash the recovery using odin i get this error "auth fail".
-0.4767 Do you have any idea what might be going wrong?
-0.4767 Am I doing something wrong because I haven't gotten it once in the two hours I have been trying it.
-0.4201 I know very little about app programming and if this makes the programming vastly more difficult than we can do it another way.
-0.4201 I had not thought about it that way, you are defiantly right it is very unfriendly to newbies.
-0.3252 But if I don't know how many beenz you have I would assume that your not popular because I don't know you in real life.
-0.304 pardon my ignorance, I have not played DVZ in a while, what are Krungors and what do you mean by we had daragor isn't that a map
-0.296 The only thing I might be worried about is the amount of wood.
-0.296 You are missing the last bit of your command it just ends after :{"a
-0.2617 I dont know if I am doing it wrong but I have found that it doesnt give me a potion affect.
-0.2146 If you don't trust my link I can post some images but you wont get the full affect.