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0.9186 So bacially the chants were pretty prominent during the early days of Ring of Honor, the 2002-06 days that saw your guys like American Dragon, CM Punk, and Samoa Joe grace the roster.
0.7717 I'm glad Kane won.
0.7506 2K17 *looks* and *plays* just like 2K16 which looked and played just like 2K15.
0.7351 Well to be more precise, back then we didn't need to shout it out to signify that those moments were awesome.
0.7184 I'm thankful that I was a long time fan who got to witness them at their pinnacle and height during their hottest run back in the days.
0.6705 Anyways, It oozed its way into to the mainstream through TNA around 2006, and was a pretty prominent chant there for quite some time.
0.6652 Nice pic but it's time to clean her.
0.6597 In this time and era they're just coasting on whatever publicity they can get instead of just being good like they used to be.
0.6369 03-04 were his best years.
0.6369 I would love too see Bryan get his face stomped in.
0.6339 I was a huge WWF fan so I didn't pay attention to ECW until posthumously.

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-0.8885 Pretty low how everyone is blaming Sin Cara for setting shit off while no one knows the real story.
-0.8625 5 nerds tried starting a you screwed Bret chant and it failed miserably.
-0.8316 Same old shit as to where Battlefield is completely different from any other Battlefield in terms of gameplay and aesthetics.
-0.8201 That was fucking lit but Brock is about to kill Goldberg.
-0.8122 This movie will suck so bad.
-0.802 Jericho has a track record for shit like this yet Sin Cara is labeled the repeat offender.
-0.802 Type O Negative on the front page fuck yea.
-0.7964 Yet Sin Cara is the bad guy.
-0.7845 I ain't even tripping about it bro they're just dumb as shit.
-0.7793 Damn why you so mad though?
-0.7717 Corbin said fuck this garbage ass shit lmao.
-0.7659 Roman Reigns should've did the same thing to the little shit smarks who had all of that shit to say.