/u/6chanon9 is kind of a dick.

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0.6124 Here is the original thread reddit.com/109cnf You can find this girl responding to the post in this thread and she is still an active redditor.
0.5719 Dont try to make her happy.
0.5106 Anyway, it was pleasant meeting you and getting a rise out of you, poojeet.
0.4939 If that doesn't work, let your hand do the talking.
0.4761 FYI your cuntry harbours most katuas by number after Indonesia.
0.4404 UK is still better off than Turkey.
0.4404 I have work to do while you keep throwing up your muddled blabbering on this niche safe space of yours.
0.3818 Look at the brighter side.
0.3818 Says the poojeet whose country has the highest katua population growth rate among the secular countries.
0.3802 such a huge achievement!
0.3612 From the way you are throwing around the words trigger and cuck without understanding what they actually mean, it looks like they are new additions to your vocab.

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-0.9062 If you are still traumatised from the last time you got fucked raw dog, come here with a can of burnol shoved up your ass.
-0.888 Do you niggers realize that more people die in your country every day of ass infections from shitting in the streets?
-0.8555 The sub has gone beyond the point of no return and the randimods are to blame for it for sending the rejected chaddis to whine over here.
-0.7269 Nah, they are far more civilized than the bhaiyas and gujjus who rape you literally and figuratively while drowning you in their hindutva branded gomutra koolaid.
-0.7121 this idiot couldn't even save his daughter from turning into a katua.
-0.7065 Doesn't give the impression that AIB is hated over there.
-0.6908 lol butthurt faggot, go cry somewhere else.
-0.6908 kill the soonwar and feed it to Muslims.
-0.6705 why are you here even after the rand you used to white knight for killed herself?
-0.6597 About time you come out of the closet, faggot.
-0.6597 Keep dreaming faggot.
-0.6369 Poonjabis are fat harebrained faggots tbh.