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0.9589 And definitely, a huge thanks to the BC team." Apparently running people over with go-karts is pretty positive! Edit: Forgot to mention, the domain name is awesome.
0.9369 I love that I just made the top 1%! Also, one of my most positive comments, with a score of 0.902: "Loved getting in the go-kart and running people over!
0.9336 I always seem to play my best rounds solo; I think not having the pressure of someone watching me lets me play my best.
0.9331 :) Information security is really important, so I love tools like this that show people how vulnerable they really are.
0.9246 They've put together a great library so far and it's been great to play some of my old favorites that I haven't been able for years .
0.9183 Posts like yours help bring attention to this important issue and hopefully will convince some new people to become donors! Again, thank you for taking the time to assemble these links!
0.9151 I personally love the look of the stock shift knob, but I've also seen some really cool custom knobs I'd love to have.
0.9041 The equipment looks really nice too, ours would love something like that to play on.
0.902 Loved getting in the go-kart and running people over! And definitely, a huge thanks to the BC team.
0.8991 I saw that you're searching for a job, so I wish you best of luck in your search.
0.8955 Wow, I would love to have something like this!

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-0.9062 I don't know a whole lot about nuclear weapons, but cycling through the different settings and seeing how many places nearby would be destroyed is terrifying.
-0.8934 The worst is when you're trying to tee off and the group behind you catches up and is blasting awful music out of a crappy Bluetooth speaker.
-0.8725 I don't really feel like looking at poorly-drawn dicks, boobs, Swastikas, gore or other stupid crap and bothering to report every inappropriate gamerpic I come across.
-0.8384 It's too bad people are so unaware of how insecure most of their passwords are!
-0.836 I hated it then, and I hate it now.
-0.8271 I have no problem with playing music on the course, but playing it loud enough to annoy others is just rude.
-0.8172 That face says it all: get me out of here now or suffer my tiny fury!
-0.7964 Personally, I feel that whatever we do with someone's body after death should be done to aid the family in the grief process.
-0.7866 It makes things much harder to read, and really interrupts the flow of the content. Edit: To OP, I apologize for coming across as so negative.
-0.784 I even regularly see police vehicles make lane changes without signaling! It gets worse in heavy traffic or bad weather.
-0.7088 It was creepy as hell, especially the guy whispering!
-0.6705 This one's been a real pain though, I have to double-clutch every shift or it will refuse to go into gear.