/u/505785 is kind of a dick.

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.743 "Brilliant grandson, now you can go and get maimed on behalf the ruling elite just like me."
0.7184 Its helps separate the tastless from music lovers.
0.6705 I'm glad there's artists like Steve Aoki about.
0.6369 I'm in love
0.5994 Magnificent
0.5859 Lovely body
0.4588 You're welcome.
0.4404 Thanks Captain obvious
0.4404 Neigh thanks
0.4215 Lol you're a fucking eejit
0.4215 That's a nice shirt.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8481 Brain dead cunts
-0.7871 If you say so ya mad cunt.
-0.7717 Away you go you mad unionist fuck knuckle.
-0.6908 To kill others.
-0.5719 Keep saying it if it suits your pathetic agenda.
-0.5719 There's no argument.
-0.5709 Fucking disgusting organisation.
-0.5423 Fuck the BBC.
-0.5423 Guns are bad
-0.5423 Creepy fuck
-0.5423 Transparent as fuck anyway.
-0.5423 Using people as pawns as the UK have fuck all else.