/u/4clockgauge is kind of a dick.

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0.8402 well that's all the dumbasses thinking Kevin was gonna place anywhere good well and truly shut up.
0.8201 Hugh Jackman probably has used steroids, but only because he needs to get fit for an acting role within a few months, with 5 years at hand his physique is more than attainable.
0.7841 excellent point, Heath body *is* in very good level
0.722 I don't understand why we encourage steroid use, especially for younger guys, we wouldn't do it for any other harmful drug so why are steroids so accepted?
0.7096 lmfao enthusiasts
0.6486 spoken like a true programmer
0.5994 ok clearly you don't know what I mean because you've simplified learning a language to just words, it's a lot more than that.
0.5859 What I mean is that it's harder to dress like a younger guy would and still look cool.
0.4767 you admire verne troyer?
0.4767 With all due respect would you do the same for anyone else?
0.4019 what do u wish was real?

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-0.8957 It's repetitive, has awful writing, that part with gretchen being "badass" was just cringey as fuck, same old shit again and again, same old louis litt, I just want to see where the plot ends up.
-0.875 listen you stupid fuck i don't need to send you a picture to show you you're wrong
-0.7964 holy fuck how can anyone put all of that shit in their body
-0.7964 what the fuck is this shit all about
-0.7959 I'm still gonna criticize it cause I have been watching this tv show since it started, and it's gotten so bad over the years.
-0.7783 who gives a fuck you stupid idiot its not his parents responsibility to make sure someone is well paid.
-0.7717 who the fuck is this self-righteous cunt
-0.743 verne is a broke ass nigga
-0.7096 feel bad for cedric if they seriously played the wrong fucking song
-0.6908 if someone made this for me I would probably kill myself
-0.6808 roelly you motherfucker I can see your gut from behind you
-0.6696 im guessing they blew their entire budget on these 3D titles which is why the coverage is so bad.