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0.9349 I check back in all the time so see if u updated cuz I love to see how it's progressing, thanks so much for continuing the awesome work :)
0.9128 My eyes naturally are kinda downward slanting and I still kinda suck at eyeliner lol so definitely a good thing for me to try to work on :) thank you!
0.9033 I've been growing them out and don't always get the best reception so I appreciate that :)
0.9014 It's a really pretty true gold color and metallic without being sparkly, and stays on forever I definitely recommend!
0.8969 Whoops I honestly just forgot to add the mascara to the product list but I guess that means maybe I should be using a bit more haha :)
0.8932 This is a really nice suggestion I'll definitely try it, thanks :)
0.8927 Thank you so much :) and I'll for sure try out a more simple purple eye, I've been in kind of an orangey/neutral rut so that would be fun to try!
0.8839 I just checked back in on this post and I'm so glad I did, this is so cool I'm amazed :)))
0.8516 I personally would use an app and adjust the temperature down a bit so that you had a little more blue tones/less yellow tones, but it's perfectly fine as is!
0.8439 But that's actually a really good idea for the inner corner I would've never thought of that thanks for the tip :)
0.8419 Not too innovative but I have a BareMinerals eyeshadow my sister bought me years ago that's way too light and shimmery to look decent on my eyes but I love as a highlighter!

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-0.7953 I try to do that too, but often I find myself getting bored and subsequently distracted which seems to only wake me up more :| props to you if you're able to lay there long enough to fall asleep!
-0.5994 As long as they are hygienic then I see no problems.
-0.4574 I made the same mistake of applying too much-glad I'm not alone lol.
-0.4404 I know my jaw dropped when I saw them amongst all the dirty loafers and whatnot that my store normally carries
-0.4199 Watching good eats right now, ridiculously jealous!
-0.4015 Hahah at least it's not nsfw, thanks so much!
-0.34 Yo you're pretty as hell
-0.3089 However my sister dated a guy who wore earrings and did not clean them regularly so they smelled.
-0.2411 She was not a fan
-0.2023 Idk if I missed something in the show or on Reddit but I don't recall hearing that before tonight
-0.128 Seems like someone else inserted the offensive parts in there, doesn't seem to match the writing style of the rest of it
-0.0516 This looks like the opposite of a problem