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0.9245 One of the retailers in my area says they can special order it for $600, but I'm going to see if I can get a better deal from any of the others. Anyway, thanks for your help!
0.8934 We're definitely giving favors to our wedding parties , but I'm concerned that we might spend money on favors for all the attendees that we could just save for our honeymoon.
0.8176 I love the look of most of the dresses, and though they're all out of my budget, I still browse them periodically for fun.
0.7906 The bridal collection has some good colorful stuff in it, and the [regular dress collection] has a bunch of great options.
0.7901 Wow, thanks for all the suggestions!
0.7574 That's super cool!
0.7421 Thankfully, there are lots of seamstresses with good reviews in my area, so it shouldn't be too hard for me to find someone!
0.7365 I'll probably end up finding another dress from a different dressmaker, but this one looks so nice!
0.7346 They're gorgeous, and she's apparently quite flexible with customizations.
0.6645 I've bought other stuff from Asos before, but never considered them for dresses because I honestly didn't look too hard.
0.6588 The flowers look great!

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-0.6476 No worries!
-0.4479 I'm also worried about people not taking their favors.
-0.3832 Buying wedding dresses from eBay is a lot less intimidating when you narrow down the seller location to "US Only" .
-0.2732 I'll have to see if any of the stores in my area have any dresses cut similarly to the one I'm looking for.
-0.2732 What are the cut and neckline of your dress going to be?
-0.1027 I wonder how hard it is to grow...
0.0 I looked into getting a custom ombre dress from a variety of different dressmakers, but couldn't find anything cost-effective.
0.0 I second this.
0.0 The dress arrived yesterday and the condition was as advertised.
0.0 I'm planning to dip-dye it and have some alterations done , but it cost me $115 for dress and shipping.
0.0 I just have to call all the other stores in my state to see if they have it.
0.0 Will you have any beading and/or lace?